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BDU Battle Dress UniformUniforms

Uniforms are an integral part of military and police personnel, and it identifies them as part of an organization.

Military and police use their uniform according to the job they are doing at the time.

By and large, we mostly supply BDU's (Battle Dress Uniforms) in the United States it is  the standard military uniform worn into combat battledress as opposed to 'garrison' dress uniforms worn at parades and functions. BDUs may be either plain fatigues with solid colors, or in camouflage colors, and they can use fabrics with varied compositions.

Different types of dyes are used, and they can be classified as military specification, and commercial. Care must be used when purchasing uniforms, because it is difficult to recognize the type of dye that has been used on the uniform, and can only be noticed when the garment purchased fades in color after only a short time.