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Among the items that we have supplied are the following:
·   Ammo Pouches
·   Beds
·   Belts
·   Boots
·   Buckles
·   Buttons
·   Canteens and Covers
·   Caps
·   Cots
·   Field Packs
·   Gloves
·   Hammocks
·   Helmets
·   Holsters
·   Insignias
·   Mosquito Nets
·   Pistol Belts
·   Police Equipment
·   Rainwear
·   Shirts
·   Shoes
·   Sleeping Bags
·   Socks
·   Swords
·   Tents
·   Uniforms
·   Webbing Equipment

Besides the items listed above we have also supplied hardware such as armaments and ocean and land transportation equipment.

Due to the relations that we have with various manufacturers we can also supply other sophisticated items, and as new technologies are born, new products can be offered so our line is constantly changing.