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Fighting Load ComponentALICE Webbing Equipment

Most of our customer prefer the US type LC-1 ALICE system. ALICE is the abbreviation of All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment. ALICE was first introduced by the United States Army in 1974, and today, it still offer many advantages over other equipments.

The ALICE system, which uses nylon, is light weight and very durable. ALICE is also classified into 2 different group of components; Fighting Load Component, and Existence Load Component.

The Fighting Load Component is composed of Pistol Belt, Entrenching Tool Carrier, First Aid Pouch, Ammo Pouch, Water Canteen, Small Field Pack, and Suspender. The Existence Load Components adds a Medium or Large Field Pack, and Frame. The Medium and Large Field Packs have quick release straps that makes it easy for a soldier to release the extra weight, and leave him with enough equipment to sustain him for a short time in case of enemy confrontation.

Even though ALICE is a very good system, we can manufacture any webbing equipment that they require.